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The Word on Wellspring Sound

'I've had good time here... you've got a great amp collection!' -Eddie Kramer (engineer of Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Yes, Van Halen etc.)

'It took me about 3 seconds after walking into your live room to know I could make music here. We're really happy with what we got.' -J. Geils

'I've been listening to Geoff Bartley's new album , and I'm struck by how well recorded it is. You've achieved good sounds on all the instruments, and the mix is excellent. Congratulations!' -Mike Melford (Grammy Award-winning producer, entertainment lawyer)

'This new release by Bim Skala Bim is their best sounding album to date.' -Northeast Performer Magazine (review of Bim's Eyes and Ears album, recorded and mixed at Wellspring)

'Especially when you consider all the stuff you've got here, your studio is an excellent value for the money. We'll be back.' -Bob St. John (engineer for Extreme, DuranDuran, etc.)

'Your role as producer-engineer-advocate got the project started and kept it moving along. I'm real happy with the results.' -Catie Curtis

'We never thought that the choice of microphones and preamps would make such a difference in how a song came out, but now we're totally convinced.' -Justina and Joyce

'Richly recorded... an album of stunning acoustic clarity.' -Ladyslipper Music Review (of a Justina and Joyce album)

'I especially enjoy mixing at Wellspring, because you offer a great selection of high-end gear for my money.' -Alain Mallet (producer of the Story, Vance Gilbert, John McVey)

'I called to tell you what a great job you did with Cheryl Hoenemeyer's new album. We've been playing it all the time.' -Marilyn Rae Byer (DJ, WUMB-FM Boston)

'Kilburn is a master of the recording studio.' -The Boston Globe

'Recording at Wellspring was a great experience, Apart from his many skillls at the board, Eric can halp you get the most out of a performance.... a very realaxed and suppportive atmosphere.... I've no desire to go anywhere else.' -Robbie O'Connell

'Nice studio. I had fun tonight' Jack Dejohnette

Awards- Over 60 Boston Music Award nominations and awards .

2011 Grammy Award "Best New Artist" to Esperanza Spaulding ( debut major label CD recorded at Wellspring)

2011 John Lennon Songwriting Contest winner in Folk category recorded by Ari and Mia Friedman for Mai's song "Across the Water" from their album "Unruly Heart" recorded at Wellspring in 2010

Grammy Nomination 2003 in Storytelling CD category for Rounder Records CD of Sharon Kennedy


Wellspring Clients 1985-2008