Live Sound Engineering | Live Recording Services

Wellspring Sound has been offering live sound services to the Boston music and religious community for over 25 years. Among the acts we've worked with are Taj Mahal, Indigo Girls, Tracy Chapman, Pete Seeger, Ferron, Tony Rice, the Clancy Brothers, Tom Rush, Dar Williams, Martin Sexton, and dozens of other artists at over 500 events. We've provided live sound and/or recording services for everything from small church coffeehouses to 7000 person indoor/outdoor festivals. We have worked extensively with the Christian and Jewish Community around New England, doing sound and live recording at conferences, concerts, and other special events. We specialize in events of between 100 and 4,000 attendees, and can equip up to 5 separate venues simultaneously.

Wellspring has six main live consoles. The first is a new 48 mic channel 56 input APB Spectra Ti, one of the world's premier live analog boards from the former design team and factory that made Crest consoles. The Spectra has superior, transparent mic preamps, flexible parametric eq, 8 VCA groups, 10 aux sends, and a host of other features that make it one of the pro sound industry's most respected consoles.

Wellspring's other recent addition is a new 64 input Yamaha LS9-32 digital mixing board. With 32 faders, instant scene recall, 64 analog and digital inputs and up to 48 outputs, this great-sounding new console offers maximum flexibility and efficiency for festivals, corporate events, and concerts. For smaller shows, we also have the LS9-16, the 16 fader, 32 input smaller brother of the 32. Both consoles can be controlled remotely by tablet or laptop.

For concerts needing less than 32 inputs, Wellspring's new Midas Venice 320 has 28 mic channels, flexible routing and an industry-wide reputation for great sonics. The Venice's mic preamps and overall sound are somewhat "fatter" than the Spectra and the LS9, making them an ideal choice for rock events. Like the Spectra and LS9, The Venice has 24 pre-fader direct outs for multitrack recording off the console's mic preamps

Also available are a 20 channel APB H1020, a compact but feature-heavy rack mounted console, and 3 modified Allen and Heath GL 2200 and GL 2400 series consoles with 16, 24, and 32 input channels and pre-fader direct outs ( for better recording levels regardless of house console levels). We also can provide 2 24 track RADAR 24 bit recorders with 120 gig drives, allowing us to record over 6 hours of continuous 24 track 24 bit audio without stopping. Also in the rack are 2 24 track Mackie SDR2496 recorders which record 48 tracks directly to broadcast wave files for super fast and easy transfers to digital work stations. The Mackie recorders can work separately or in tandem with the Radar units. Many late nights of soldering have produced nine separate wiring harness that will allow the RADAR/Mackie units to interface with any house console. RADAR sounds amazing-- see the news/opinions section of the site for more info.

If clients want to record their gig with vintage mic preamps, we now have a rack of 20 new (reissue) and older Neve 1272 modules, 8 Universal Audio Class A preamps, and 8 API mic pre's,( others also available as needed) which can be used separately from the house console. Lastly, we offer a 32 channel 2 way 1 x 100, 1 x50 transformer isolated splitter snake, and a 20 channel 2x 100 ft transformer-isolated splitter snake, which allows us to send different mic feeds to different mixers and mic preamps. Many options are now available to fit any challenge or budget. Please contact us for details.

Wellspring recently upgraded our main speaker systems to a a four-way Unity System by Yorkville, employing 4 active 1500 watt subwoofers and 8 900 watt three way active U15P driver/horn cabinets, bringing over 13,000 watts of pristine audio to the front-of-house. The U15P speakers can be flown in clusters of three to provide 180 degree coverage in gyms and other environments where stage or stand mounting is not possible. We also have 20 active Mackie and RCF two-way speakers ( with a total power of 5700 watts) to augment our main system when necessary. Stage monitors are by EV, JBL, Mackie, and RCF. Wellspring has an extensive array of outboard equalizers,compressors, and effects, and use stage mics by Neumann, Shure, AKG, Beyer, and Audio Technica.

Theater and Conference Sound-Wellspring has 16 channels of wireless lavalier and micro-lavalier microphones for stage and conference use. High quality Shure ULX-pro and PGX systems, along with additional Countryman theater mics insure high quality sound in demanding applications.

Wellspring will record events as part of a live sound package, or tap into any existing system as needed. Any of our live consoles, from the 48 channel APB on down, have pre-fader balanced direct outs to interface directly with any recorder of your choice. For a full gear list, or to discuss your event, please contact Eric Kilburn at (978) 263-9246.

Wellspring owns three professional grade Panasonic HMC150 High-definition camcorders, which can be used to record the video portion of live events. These cameras can receive line level output from the house console, and also have onboard shotgun mics . Video is captured on SDHC memory cards and can uploaded, edited, and later synched with live multitrack recordings to make high quality promotional and documentary videos, as well as youtube videos.

Solar Powered PA- Wellspring offers a medium stage-sized solar-powered sound system, suitable for audiences up to 3000 people. Backup solar-charged battery power keeps the system working for up to 7 hours even on cloudy days. Having your event on a deserted island, a mountain top, anywhere there's no electricity? No problem- contact us for more info.

Venues include:

Somerville Theater ( over 30 shows) New England Folk Festival ( 18 years and counting) Sanders Theater Harvard University ( 10 shows) The Strand Theater, Dorchester, MA Museum of Our National Heritage, Lexington, MA Regent Theater,, Arlington, MA Harvard Live Folk Orgy Kennebunkport, Maine Peace Rallies Sweet Chariot Festival ( Maine- 12 years) Flye Point Festival (Maine) Temples, Synagogues, Chuches, Community Centers ( over 50 events) Emerson Umbrella, Concord MA

Equipment ( partial listing)

Consoles APB Spectra Ti (48 mono channels with 4 stereo returns, balanced send/return circuits on each channel) Yamaha LS9-32 ( 64 inputs, 32 mic inputs, 32 digital outs 16 analog outs) Yamaha LS9-16 (32 inputs, 16 mic inputs, 8 analog outs) Midas Venice 320 ( 28 mic channels,up to 4 stereo returns) APB H1020 (20 channels) Allen & Heath GL2200's ( 16 and 32 channels) Allen and Heath GL 2400 ( 24 channel) Yamaha 1642 (16 channel) Mackie 8, 16, and 24 channel consoles


Yorkville U15P 900 watt 3-way (8) Yorkville LS 800 P 1500 watt 18" subwoofer (4) Yorkville NX55P 550 watt 2-way (4) QSC X-15 (2) 1000 watt 2-way Mackie SRM 450 450 watt 2-way (8) Mackie SRM 350 350 watt 2-way (6) RCF 310A 350 watt 2-way (6) Mackie SW 1500 600 watt subwoofer (2)

4  QSC K12 1000 watt 2 way speakers  ( delete the x-12 speaker listing- it's a typo)
2 QSC K10 1000 watt 2 way speakers

2 RCF MX22A Mk2  750 watt 2 way speakers
2 RCF ART 722A Mk2 750 watt 2 way speakers
2 RCF ART 710 A 750 watt 2 way speakers

EV 1200 (3) EV 1200M (2) EV S200 (4) Bose 802 (2) JBL 800 (2)

Amplifiers by Crown, Crest, and QSC


Neumann 105 (6) Shure KSM-9 (6) Shure Beta 58 (4) Shure SM 58 (10) Shure SM57 (7) Shure Beta 87 (4) Shure 55 (2) SHure SM-81 ( 4) Heil PR35 (4) Samson CO2 (8) Shure Beta 52 (2) Shure Beta 91 pzm Shure 819 pzm (2) ATM 1031 (4) ATM 4051 (4) ATM 4031 (2) ATM 4047 (6) ATM 25 (3) Sennheiser 421 (3) Sennheiser 441 (2) Sennheiser 431 (2) EV PL80 (5) Audix OM6 (2) Beyer M88 (2) Other high end mics available on request

Wireless Microphones

Wellspring has over 24 channels or wireless lavalier and wig microhones available, including 16 channels of pro-quality Shure ULX series units.  We also have 7 handheld wireless Shure 87 and Shure 58 mics .  Wellspring has done live sound for  major productions in Boston's theater district, and at area colleges, religious institutions, and community theater groups.

Outboard Gear

Klark Teknik , Brook Siren, DBX, Yamaha, Ashly, and Samson 31 band eq's (18 in all) DBX , Brook Siren, and TC Electronics compressors ( 14 in all) Gates by Brook Siren, DBX, Behringer Reverbs and Delays by Lexicon, TC Electronics, Eventide, and Roland Syemtrix 402 speaker array delay unit The Yamaha LS9 has four Yamaha SPX2000 stereo effects units within the console

Additional resources: Shure wireless handheld (2), lavalier (10) and headset microphones (3),32 x 8 , 100 x50 ft transformer isolated splitter snake, 20 channel, 2x 100 foot transformer isolated splitter snake, additional racks of Neve, API, Earthworks, and other boutique mic preamps available on request


Wellspring Sound provides backline for events around New England. We own over 25 vintage and modern guitar amplifiers ( see the equipment list page for more info), 30 guitars and basses, a Fender Rhodes electric piano, Wurlitzer electric piano, Hammond A 100 organ with 2 Leslie speakers, a Kurzweil K2000, and Yamaha S90- ES keyboards. We also have a 1965 Ludwig champagne sparkle drum kit , a 1959 Slingerland Radio King set, and a 1982 Gretsch Jazz kit with lots of Zildjian cymbals. If you need something that's not on our list, please contact us; we may know where to find it. Feel free to contact us for more info.